Product sourcing

Responsible sourcing of our products has a massive impact on a global scale and securing future materials in the supply chain is an integrated part of running a sustainable business.


Product quality and integrity

STARK Sourcing supplies safe, reliable, and robust products to our customers. We are committed to procuring products from financially healthy, reliable sources that trade ethically and responsibly and demonstrate anti-corruptive policies. This is ensured with rigorous monitoring of suppliers, product quality, and customer satisfaction. We undertake prompt and deliberate corrective action where products do not comply with legislation, or where product failures have been identified.

We work with our suppliers to encourage sustainable practices in order to maintain excellent standards of product quality and safety without jeopardising ecosystems and society in the long term. By providing better products from trusted suppliers, we meet customer- and societal expectations, now and into the future.

Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing of our products has a large impact on a global scale. Furthermore, it is sustainable business to secure future materials in the supply chain.

To ensure a relevant assortment of products that continuously meet market expectations and follow product development, we always, in close collaboration with STARK Group business units and our suppliers, offer a relevant assortment of eco-labelled products

We aim to supply a relevant assortment of materials to meet public procurement policies and the requirements of sustainable construction certification schemes (i.e. DGNB, LEED, BREEAM).

Responsible timber sourcing

More than one-third of our sourced products, measured in monetary terms, is timber or timber-based, making responsible sourcing of timber and timber products prime importance to us. Since 2009, STARK Group has increasingly focused on the procurement of sustainable timber.

By continuously increasing the percentage of FSC® and PEFC™ certified timber in STARK Group assortments through our Responsible Timber Sourcing Policy, we encourage and strengthen sustainable forest management that takes into consideration people, wildlife, and the environment.

Working with our suppliers to support compliance

At STARK Sourcing, we work together with our external partners to identify potential risks downstream in the supply chain. In collaboration with partners and suppliers, we have implemented an approved measurement and mitigation process to ensure compliance and secure negligible risk.

Ethical behaviour and human rights

As a part of STARK Group's core values, we are committed to operating under high ethical standards that support, amongst others, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We acknowledge that the products we source are available thanks to the efforts of a vast number of people working within the mining, forestry, and manufacturing industry. So, when we source our products, we take ethical concerns and human rights into consideration to support safe and decent working conditions throughout the supply chain. 

Our Code of Conduct is dedicated to helping each of our employees and suppliers live the STARK Group values daily in all decisions and interactions across the supply chain. We expect our suppliers, contractors, and agents to adhere to our Code of Conduct and to adopt similar standards.