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At STARK Sourcing, we have a strong partnership with our suppliers and a sustainable supply chain is crucial to STARK Group’s success.

To ensure a consistent approach throughout our supply chain, we expect our suppliers to have or adopt similar business principles to our own. Therefore, suppliers must deliver on all parameters – not just on productivity.

Our company values and Code of Conduct also applies to our suppliers.

As a supplier to STARK Group, you play a significant role in our ability to deliver efficient solutions and drive success. We focus on building strong business ties and long-term relationships with our suppliers.

Our suppliers are vital for us in achieving our sustainability ambitions throughout the supply chain. You will be required to acknowledge the significance of environmental, ethical, and social matters in your conduct and work towards improving your quality standards and performance in these areas.

We expect our suppliers to share our ambitions and commitment. The Supplier Code of Conduct expresses this, and we expect our suppliers to commit to the document. 

Timber Policy

All our suppliers are required to adhere to the STARK Group Timber Policy supporting sustainable forestry. STARK Group contributes to supporting sustainable forestry through all purchases of timber and timber products from all over the world. STARK Group will always observe legislation in force at any time in the importing and exporting countries.

STARK Group has a defined policy ensuring that bought timber has been cut in compliance with the legislation of the country of origin. Further, it is STARK Group’s policy not to actively import or participate in importing illegally cut timber, irrespective of the country of origin or any third country.

STARK Group recognises the FSC and PEFC as certifying organisations that are working to ensure sustainable forestry all over the world.

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