Quality craftsmanship starts with the right materials

STARK Sourcing is the first and only true cross-border procurement organisation found in Northern Europe’s builders’ merchant industry.


Every day we work hard to fulfil our ambition: to provide the most competitive terms where it matters most to our partners and customers across all seven markets in Europe. Each country has different traditions within craftsmanship; therefore, we focus on balancing local standards and traditions with global trends.

Through a strong relationship with our trusted suppliers, our strategy contributes to significant cost savings on the buying side, better prices, higher service level for STARK Group customers and advantages to the suppliers selected. We combine scale with local presence to benefit our customers and to provide opportunities for our trusted suppliers. Efficiency is key as we build our future by helping others build theirs.

We build our future by helping others build theirs

Since 2017, STARK Sourcing has strived to provide the most competitive terms to partners and customers. Our united strength allows us to source internationally and turn economies of scale into local business benefits.

We work with our suppliers to encourage sustainable practices

STARK Sourcing supplies safe, reliable, and robust products to our customers. We are committed to procuring products from financially healthy, reliable sources that trade ethically and responsibly and demonstrate anti-corruptive policies.