Own Brands are our valued alternative to well-known consumer brands. By providing our customers with Own Brand products, we can improve customer satisfaction by offering them a wider range of unique quality products at competitive prices.

Own Brand is a major part of STARK Group’s strategy. Our own brand products have all passed strict testing requirements. We have product managers, each a specialist in his/her own field, who cooperate with our suppliers, regional sourcing offices as well as certification and testing agencies to ensure that we have the products and quality that our customers expect.

The Own Brand department works closely with our sourcing and category managers to produce and market our Own Brand products in the Nordic countries and Greenland. They are responsible for product and packaging design, user manuals, documentation and other material necessary for the sale of these products in the EU, Norway and Greenland.

The Own Brand department is also responsible for maintaining a consistently high quality within the brands in regards to products, packaging, user manuals and documentation.


The brand house



Own Brand marketing

Each of our Own Brands has its own website where customers can find information about the brands and how to get in touch with someone if they have questions about the products or require assistance.

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